Leave a biting first impression.

Alison Baskerville is a New York-raised, Maryland-based fashion and accessory designer. She founded Chaotic Good Jewelry Co. in 2019 as a MICA class of 2017 alumni. Alison has always been enamored by the uncanny underbelly to the everyday, and communicates the dark and heavy narratives omnipresent in her work through bright colors, encrypted text, bold silhouettes, and strange materials, often unable to separate her own weird teen queen television-obsessed teenagehood’s escapist tendencies from her current, more adult art practice. Alison casts her resin fang earrings by hand using her own molds, and colors them using mica powder and alcohol pigment. Inspired by powerful feminine energy in the workplace and classic Halloween costumes, these fangs are guaranteed to leave a biting first impression. 

Learn more about Alison at www.alisonbaskerville.com

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